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This, of course, is standard practice for many giant corporations; it's the same type of consumer behavioral tracking and data mining that allowed Target to guess that one teenage girl was pregnant , inadvertently alerting her parents to their daughter's pregnancy by mailing coupons for maternity clothing and cribs to their house.

It's normal, in that weird way where saying the same thing — "Facebook knows I'm gay," or "Target thinks I'm pregnant and due in August" — can sound like either total paranoia or smart business, depending on how you say it. But the intent here — who, exactly, it was who thought this ad and Matt were a good match, and why — might not be so important or as telling as the perception of users like him and, well, the rest of us.

As Matt puts it, "It certainly felt like a violation of trust that someone obtained that information. Contact Katie Heaney at ktheaney gmail.

Facebook page for gay students stirs controversy in Garut - National - The Jakarta Post

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. A screenshot from Matt's News Feed. The activity that maybe contributed to Matt's seeing the coming out ad. View Comments. Account Profile. Sign Out.

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  • Most Viewed Stories. Perhaps what they need to win the presidency is a gay Rust Belt millennial who has never governed anything but the fourth-largest city in Indiana.

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    Trump and his administration have gotten nowhere with North Korea since the last two times they got nowhere, but rematches make good television. Most Popular.

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    Trump campaign email: HUD city chief Lynne Patton accused of violating federal ethics law by displaying Trump hat in her office. The profile: By David Freedlander.

    Trump confidant Roger Stone seeks full Mueller report. Roger Stone connected to matters still under investigation, Justice Dept. Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents. Intelligencer staffers discuss which candidate might win over newly empowered unions in Trump's Fed pick Stephen Moore is a self-described 'radical' who said he's not a 'big believer in democracy'.

    The law and order president may or may not have been joking here. More on CNN …. Secret service spokeswoman tells me a man set his jacket on fire in front of the White House.

    Facebook Puts Gay Pride in a Digital Closet

    He is being treated for injuries. No threat to the President.

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    Hundreds of school principals in Garut gathered on Wednesday to publicly denounce the presence of the LGBT community in school, as reported by kompas. The Garut Education Agency's head of the middle school division, Totong, said the public denouncement represented the collective resistance of school principals against the LGBT community. However, he said he had yet to identify which students were a part of the Facebook community.

    As part of an effort to eradicate homosexuality in schools, he said the education agency would instruct school principals to engage students in religious programs. In addition, teachers will also be encouraged to arrive at their respective schools earlier in the morning to check on their students. In addition, he said the agency had also cooperated with the Indonesian Ulema Council MUI to discuss further action regarding the case.