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That being said, there are some universal qualities that can promote a more solid and functional relationship over the long haul for partners seeking long-term connection and happiness. This helps to keep the mystery and intrigue alive in the relationship that exists with contrast. Who wants to have an exact replica of themselves they interact with on a daily basis? What is absolutely critical, however, is that both partners will have a smoother and more fulfilling relationship if they share comparable value systems.

This forms the foundation of what the couple believes in and is the diving board from which they co-create a vision for their future together as a united front and alliance for life. This involves direct and honest dialogue about the mundane aspects of life to the serious thoughts and feelings that get triggered as a part of relationship dynamics. Listening skills are primed and each feels like an active participant in the relationship. Issues are not swept under the rug and are dealt with immediately in an assertive and caring way.

They are open to compromise and sacrifice and always keep a teamwork stance in negotiating their differences.

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Striking a positive balance of both brings in just enough freshness and vitality to the relationship where boundaries are strong and healthy. Each partner feels supported by the other for striving for their own personal growth and goals without feeling threatened because the relationship vision is also being attended to simultaneously.

Life can be stressful, so why add to the tension with a hardened demeanor? Successful couples are those that are playful with each other, enjoy a humorous banter between them and feel energized by such things as tickling, cracking jokes, pulling pranks on each other and being perverted with each other. The happiest couples tend to report enjoying nonsexual affection in their daily lives through spontaneous touch, verbal strokes, holding hands, cuddling and massage.

They also understand the importance of maintaining a passionate, sexual connection through regular pleasuring sessions and keeping their erotic lives energetic and enjoyable. Surrounding themselves with positive and affirming people can be a great boost. Being able to be free and uninhibited is a truly liberating feeling for a gay couple. These are obvious hallmark characteristics that typify a healthy relationship, but gay men in particular are vulnerable to power struggles, competition and issues surrounding intimacy and closeness due to male socialization in their.

They make sure they are diligently working toward their shared relationship vision, validate their partner in the ways he likes it most and make sure to show through words and actions how much they appreciate their guy being in their lives. So how did you and your partner do?

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Use these tips as a springboard to discuss how things are going in your relationship. Gauge your strengths and areas for growth and craft an action plan to make things even better. The Gay Love Coach, Dr. Getty Related:.

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Top 10 most gay friendly countries in the world - Updated 12222

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