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So just do it. Go on, stick it to me! I guess I must have thought that I would just push my cock into a hole and that would be that. That would have to force myself into my partner was something which I had not at all anticipated. Anyway, no one could doubt that with all the exhortations Charlie had just given me that he wanted me to fuck him, so I went ahead and did what he had asked. I realized almost immediately that if we were going to do this regularly, we needed some form of lubrication to ease the contact between my cock and his rectum as it was all very dry and not very comfortable.

On this, our first time together, had no idea at all of trying to please Charlie and bring him to a climax simultaneously with my own. I simply bashed on and experienced the greatest orgasm I had ever had. Fucking Charlie, I saw, was infinitely better than jerking off myself: I really have no idea what Charlie experienced as I gave him his first taste of a cock up his arse. Chapter 4 So, now you know how I started my sex life, aged just seventeen years old, with my partner of the same age.

Charlie and I had sex two or three times a week for the next eighteen months until we finally left Sheldon in the summer of I do not know looking back on things, just now we managed to keep our relationship a secret, but no one ever suspected that he and I were fuck-buddies. As Charlie said right at the start of our relationship, it was in our own interest to keep quiet and just get on with copulating: And, as he rightly pointed out, if Woody Prick, the headmaster, ever found out about us, we would be in for the high jump and the old Prick would surely give our arses a monumental roasting with his cane.

And you can believe me when I tell you that this was an event to be avoided at all costs, as my few earlier encounters with the Prick, his PP and his beating of naked arses had taught me: Looking back on things, I realize now that the relationship which Charlie and I enjoyed, and that is truly the right word, for we both enjoyed every minute of what we did together, was really strange. From the moment it was established that I was using my cock on his arse, things never, ever changed.

Charlie loved being shafted and had never expressed any desire to have a return match, as it were. And now, years later, although I saw Charlie naked both in the showers and when we were alone together, I cannot, for the life in me, recollect what his cock was like! All I know is that I was chivvied in a good natured envious, I guess way in the showers by my classmates, because I had, by the time I turned eighteen on January 1 , an absolutely formidable piece of man- meat, which was the envy of everyone who saw it.

And so it was that when we left Sheldon, Charlie and I simply said goodbye, as if we were both going home for the vacation and after that I neither saw nor heard from him ever again. It was as if our relationship had been for nothing. Neither of us had any emotional attachment to the other and we just parted, as friends, but without any lasting memories the one for the other. In retrospect, our liaison had been one of sheer physical necessity and when we parted, I guess we both expected that somehow we would each find an agreeably partner to pick up where we had left off.

But, before we leave Sheldon behind forever and allow my memories of my time there to fade, it is worthwhile recounting what happened to that slimy bastard of a sports master, Mr Simmons, easily the most heartily hated master at my time at the school. It was in that Mr Simmons suddenly, as if by magic, disappeared from the school. We the boys learned of his departure at the Monday morning assembly, when Woody Prick , the headmaster among his customary comments, suddenly announced that on the previous Saturday evening, Mr Simmons had been taken violently ill and had had to be carted off to hospital.

What the illness was and to which hospital he had been taken were left unsaid.

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Well, of course, there was a tremendous buzz of intrigue among us boys as to what had happened to Mr. Simmons, but nothing more was ever said about him. His illness, if illness he had had, clearly prevented him from ever returning to Sheldon, for within a few days, a temporary PE teacher was in place and within a month the post was filled by a full time new face, Mr. Chadwick, who turned out to be a very popular staff member, both with the boys and his colleagues, alike.

I am jumping ahead of myself here, as it is worthwhile recounting what actually happened regarding Mr. Chapter 5 It was several years later and at the time I was already well established as a Male escort in New York.

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One of my regular clients worked at a high level in a well-known firm of publishers. I had just finished servicing his needs late one afternoon, when out of the blue, he invited me to a cocktail party which was being given that evening in honour of one of their new authors, for whom they had just published an anthology of his poems.

I was not really sure why he should give me this invitation, but having nothing better to do that evening, I accepted, and so, together we walked to the nearby hotel, where the party was being held. Well, you can imagine my surprise, when I discovered that the new author in whose honour the party was being given was none other than Mr Crowther, my old teacher of English literature at Sheldon.

He was as surprised as I was to meet me there and I simply told him that I was an acquaintance of one of the senior staff at the firm and that he had invited me to join him, quite unexpectedly. Mr Crowther had no idea what I did for a living and I avoided touching on the subject. The upshot was that he asked me to stay on at the end of the party and have dinner with him, which I willingly did.

And, over the meal, among other things we discussed about Sheldon, here out of the blue, I finally learned the facts leading up to the demise of Mr Simmons, which I will allow Mr.

Crowther to tell us in his own words. Simmons came into the classroom, as a result of which Mr. Simmons had placed him on the Punishment Parade list, with the result I was now looking at. I was amazed that such a minor offence, if one could even call it an offence at all, had given rise to such a severe beating. So, my suspicions became aroused and I took to visiting the dorms on Friday evenings after the headmaster had carried out his weekly beating exercise and I rapidly became appalled at the brutality with which the cane had been used on the naked buttocks of the boys.

More often than not boys were being punished for piffling misdemeanours, which in no way merited the severe beatings being inflicted on them. Simmons always had in his hand in the gym. His buttocks were an angry red and I learned that this was a regular occurrence during gym classes. Mr Simmons lashed out at any boy whom he thought was slacking, so that after every class there were always a few boys with sore posteriors. Again I was seriously disturbed by what I saw was a totally sadistic abuse of the system, for the school rules stated specifically that only the headmaster was authorized to administer corporal punishment, and here was Simmons lashing out at boys.

I discovered, to my disgust, that 85 percent of all the entries had been made at the behest of Mr. It was now as plain as a pikestaff that he and the headmaster were colluding to see that there was always a good Friday afternoon attendance, so that the headmaster could satisfy his sadistic bent to the full. All this was made even more flagrantly obvious, when I learned that Mr. I wanted to do something to change things, but what? Well, the matter came to a head and enabled me to resolve the situation in a totally unexpected way.

Please sir, don't! Please sir stop! For a brief moment as I watched, I saw Mr. Simmons trying in vain to overcome. You are in the process of trying to molest sexually a minor, a boy in your care as a master of this school and for whom you stand and are supposed to act in loco parentis, if you know what that means.

Thank goodness, thanks to O'Brian's resistance, that you have not succeeded in your aim. Now get out of here Simmons before I call the police. Believe me. Simmons, you are an absolute disgrace both to the school and to our profession. This is an end of your career in this school and as a school master in general. If the police hear about this, you will certainly be prosecuted for our actions and let me tell you, you will most likely finish up with a gaol sentence: And I might add, that for all I know you may have attempted to bugger other boys before today's unsuccessful attempt.

You are a pederast caught molesting a minor and you will be judged as such. Now, for the third time get out! I learned that he had been taking a lone shower after having been working out alone that afternoon in the gym, when Simmons had entered and had literally grabbed the boy and tried, unsuccessfully to force himself upon him. I realised that I had arrived just in the nick of time, otherwise Simmons would have clearly succeeded in his desire to bugger the boy, as O'Brian's cries had testified.

Have you lost your senses, man? Kindly get up out of that chair and leave this place immediately, as I have no intention of receiving you now, for as you can see I am very busy. I have to tell you that your outrageous behaviour will not be overlooked. Now kindly leave my study forthwith! I am not leaving this room until a very, very serious matter is settled. Do I make myself clear?

Crowther, you must be mistaken.

I cannot believe that Mr. Simmons would ever attempt commit such an act: Crowther, this is a very serious allegation you are making against a colleague. Think again. Surely you are mistaken. He was intent on committing a criminal act on a minor, moreover, a minor in his care. Simmons has got to go, and to go from this school immediately, or I call the police. Crowther meant business. After all, Mr Simmons is a long established and valued member of my staff and I would hate to see his career ruined because of one unfortunate incident. Simmons is not the kind of person who should be allowed contact with adolescent boys.

So in this case he failed in his objective. But let us be quite clear; Mr Simmons, like it or not, is a bugger. For all we know, Simmons may have buggered other boys before today, acts which have never seen the light of day. Mr Simmons is your right-hand man and panders to your every whim. He belts the boys across their buttocks in the gym with a heavy leather strap, an act which is strictly forbidden by the school rules. The headmaster started to bluster at this and to deny any liaison or collusion with Simmons, but I just pressed on.

Additionally, headmaster, you are excessively brutal in the way you beat the boys. Just take a look at these photos of the buttocks of boys whom you have caned excessively in the last year, for truly piffling offences, none of which merited a caning and certainly not the thrashing you inflicted on their naked buttock. Frankly, if the police were to see these photographs, then you would most certainly be prosecuted for bodily assault on minors under your care.


Mr Simmons has to go immediately and you have to stop your excessive brutality when administering the cane. I am not at all against the use of the cane, for I think a good sharp dose can stop many boys in their tracks, but not the excessively brutal way in which you use it: You are just too brutal: He tried, nevertheless, to salvage what he could of the situation: Are you certain about Mr.

And as for the use of the cane and so on, that it is just part of parcel of the life in a school such as this. Surely we should give Mr. Simmons the benefit of the doubt and allow him to excuse himself, if things are as you say they are. And as for the beatings I give the boys, well I am always trying to set them on the path to moral rectitude.

After all, we do not wish to ruin his career over one lapse of judgement, do we? The facts are exactly as I have just presented them out to you. Mr Simmons is a pederast,a bugger, a bully and a sadist, and either he goes today or I go to the police, in which case, your position in the school will be totally jeopardized and frankly, the pair of you will probably be prosecuted and jailed for your actions. What I have just exposed to you is,whether you admit it or not, the tip of an iceberg of abuse, which has been going on here for years and who knows where a more searching investigation might lead.

Both Simmons and you could finish up in prison, which may well be where you both belong. As for his career, well as far as being a school master is concerned, that is over as of now. This man must never be allowed anywhere near any boys ever again: So, headmaster, decide; it is in your own hands; either Simmons goes today or I go straight to the police today. That is totally out of the question Simmons must never again work as a schoolmaster anywhere.

What could he do? I could see the thoughts flashing through is mind as I sat there in front of him. Either Simmons went, or the police became involved and god only knows where that might lead. It is now late afternoon and Mr. Simmons cannot leave today. Surely we can sort something out so that the leaves, say, at the end of the month and that way the whole thing can be allowed gently to fade away. As it is late in the day, Simmons may stay in his rooms tonight, but tomorrow morning he leaves before noon.

That will give him time to put together a few essentials to take with him, and the rest of his belonging will have to be packed up by the faithful Mr. Hickman, the school janitor and general factotum, and sent on to him. Tomorrow is Sunday and there are no buses or trains.

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How is he going to get anywhere? Simmons goes or how he gets there. He can hire a taxi and check himself into some hotel to give himself time to collect his thoughts and let me tell you, he has a hell of a lot to think about. So headmaster, the choice is yours. Either Simmons goes tomorrow morning with no references or I go straight to the police right now!.

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I will inform Mr Simmons of my decision. He leaves tomorrow. Things have needed straightening out in this school for a long time. Believe me when I say that there will be many a dry eye among the boys when they learn that Mr Simmons is no longer with us. Frankly, headmaster, his nickname, Slimy, was very apt and we shall all, my fellow masters and the boys, be glad to see the back of him: Simmons is an utter disgrace to our profession, which will be better off without him!

Simmons and that as you administer the cane to those boys remaining, who do truly merit a short sharp shock, you remember that you are correcting them and not, in fact, indulging your own sadistic nature on their buttocks. Is it really necessary, headmaster, that you apply the cane to their naked buttocks?

Surely that is not necessary. In fact, I suggest you start bringing the school into the twenty-first century, and abolish the parade completely. Good afternoon, headmaster, and I trust you will have a pleasant Sunday. I had surprised myself that I had managed to stick to my guns. I had, in fact, been inwardly very sure of my ground, but had had to steel myself and pull all my courage together to address the headmaster in such an authoritative way. At the end of the day, I felt proud of what I had achieved although no-one would ever know my part in the demise of Mr.

I felt totally vindicated in what I had done by the fact that during this long and difficult meeting with the headmaster, Mr. Simmons had never been invited to join us and, at the end of the day, Woodderowffe-Pryce, to save his own skin, was willing to throw his right- hand man to the dogs, without even allowing him to defend himself. I was sure that my analysis of the collusion between the pair of them was correct. Apart from myself and the headmaster, you are the first person to know the full facts, as I have never spoken of it to anyone until today.

The school in general, masters and boys included, never knew why Simmons had suddenly disappeared from the scene. The Headmaster announced at the Monday morning assembly to the staff and boys together, that Mr Simmons had been taken seriously ill and had had to be rushed to hospital. No one thought to ask where or how he was and no-one ever questioned the headmaster on his explanation of his sudden disappearance. Also, as you must remember, on that same occasion, the headmaster announced the abolition of the Punishment Parade so that things changed for the better immediately.

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